December 2022

Citrus Supply Chain Map


In one of our pilot cases, an overview of the processes end-to-end was generated by recording and capturing supply chain processes, material and information flows of fresh oranges, byproducts and wastes between supply chain stages and stakeholders as well as identifying critical activities along the supply chain. This creates the baseline for further assessment steps, such as cost-benefit-analysis, lifecycle assessment, logistics optimization, or the creation of innovative supply chain configurations by means of scenarios.

After graying out the forward flows, the visualisation reveals the vast amount of reverse and waste flows in the citrus supply chain. This already indicates a great potential for closing loops in citrus supply chains under circular economy principles as well as sustainable waste management strategies.

With these insights as a starting point, the project consortium and stakeholders will conduct a workshop in Istanbul in February 2023. The goal will be to generate future citrus supply chain configurations in the form of scenarios and evaluate how they should be reflected in the Analytical Decision Support System (ADSS).

Stay tuned and follow us to not miss out on the workshop results!